Our Products and Services

    We provide a full range of standard and custom construction tests required by our clients' statutes. Examination categories cover the full spectrum required to service any client for Building, Electrical, Mechanical, and Plumbing Licensure as well as Business and Law.

Why out-sourced testing?

 In 1958, one of Florida's counties was accused of bias regarding whom they allowed to become contractors. They requested a professor at the University of Florida to create an objective trade examination. From that request grew the industry of out-sourced testing. Out-sourced testing has since become the standard way to develop and administer competency level examinations. The following benefits are derived by agencies and organizations that use out-sourced testing:

• The appearance of bias by officials is avoided.

• The expense of test development staff is hired.

• Improved quality through the help of professionals that concentrate on the testing industry.

• Resources can be focused on the task the agency was formed to handle, not on testing.

• Conflicts of interest are avoided.