Frequently Asked Questions

Times vary on how many and which exams you are taking. The exact time will be stated on your admission letter, please arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled time. 

You may bring the approved references found on the pertinent exam information sheet, and a non-programmable calculator.

No, the only writing allowed is on the actual exam, all notes will be seized and books will be checked for writing.

That will vary based on the exam you take. You will be given 1 bathroom break, and there will be 15-20 minute intervals between multiple examinations.

Some localities allow you to use (reciprocate) your licenses acquired in other locations. In order to find out whether your license may be reciprocated or not, you must contact the sponsoring agency in the locality you wish to transfer/reciprocate your license in. For all localities that reciprocate, a score of 75% or higher must be achieved on the necessary exam(s).

As we are an independent testing company, we are not the issuing party; in order to find out when your license will be issued, please contact your sponsoring agency.

Yes, all of the items found on the exams have been reviewed and approved by the local Building Departments in each of the localities for which we test.

We have practice exams for the Business Procedures exam and a few other trades. While, as an independent testing agency we cannot officially sponsor any schools or education services, there are some available that may aid in preparing you for your exam.

All of our items are currently in use and protected under copyright laws, we cannot allow candidates under ANY circumstances to own/keep a copy of their test.